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4x4 Polen

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Here are some photographs of some of the many green lanes, dirt tracks, unsurfaced or primitively finished roads in the west of Poland, which make great routes for anyone with a four wheel drive car! Granted many might look like nothing more than farm tracks, but the pictures are all of minor roads, which connect one isolated hamlet or settlement to another isolated village or in some cases one or several villages to a town. These trails often go on for many, many kilometres. In winter they can get very muddy and as snowploughs do not operate along such roads, blocked by snow. Come to Poland and try out the network of minor roads for yourself. Better still book a place on one of our 4x4 Adventures. If you know where to look, Poland might be described as a 4x4 off-road heaven. See also: Driving in Poland.


Roads in Poland

Poland's original and probably only English-speaking 4WD off-road club!

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