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The World's Best 4x4 / 4WD Cars

Choosing a good SUV can be a difficult task. Here are some links to some of the world's best 4x4 cars for offroading, greenlaning, and overland expeditions. As almost all participants our adventure tours drive either Land Rover, Range Rover or Mercedes G-Wagen (Geländewagen), these are the sites we have most links to! Please contact us if you would have a recommendation or would like to swap links and see your site included here. More Off-Road Links

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Land Rover Owners Club : our own Land Rover Owners Group.

Land Rover Club : the internet based Land Rover Club.

Land Rover Top Gear Video : a very old Land Rover reviewed on BBC's Top Gear.

Land Rover : our own little page about Land Rover with useful Landy links.

Land Rover - a Lover's Guide : great little Land Rover website.

Landmania PT : super Land Rover site from Portugal (in Portuguese!)

Beamends : Land Rover parts by mail, service and repair.

Global Land Rover Expedition : journeys into the unknown in a Land Rover Dormobile!

Linking Your Landy to the World : worldwide links to Land Rover resources.

G-Wagen - our page about the G-Wagen with G links and film.

British G Wagon Owners : the UK G Klasa Owners association

GWagen : information on the Mercedes-Benz 4x4 offroad car.

Vinther's Website : super Danish site about the Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen.

G-Wagen :  Difflock's page about the G Klasse with buyers guide. 

Mercedes Off Road : super site about the Mercedes G-Wagon. In English and German.

Club G Wagen : another Mercedes G-Klasse site, includes classified ads section.

Geländewagen-Club Schweiz : a Swiss Geländewagen car club.

Swiss G Wagen : another Swiss G-wagon club.

Hans's G site : a useful technical G Klasse site in German.

Club MB France : a French G-Klasse offroad club.

G Klub South Africa : a SouthAfrican Mercedes / Puch G-Wagen off-road club.

Mercedes G Class Centre : the UK's premier G Class centre.

Toyota Land Cruiser Association : great site about the Toyota LandCruiser.

World Niva Club : an internet club uniting Lada Niva owners worldwide. Information on maintaining, using and modifying the Lada Niva 4x4.

Nissan Patrol 4WD Club : info on the Nissan Patrol from a club 'down under'.

Jeep : our own page about the all-American fourwheeling legend, the Jeep.

Subaru Forester : a website on the surprisingly good AWD station wagon.

More Offroad Links

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