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 black storks in forest land rover A Defender on a hunt through the forests of western Poland

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Border Crossings Poland

If you're driving to Poland from western Europe there are a number of border crossings to choose from. Some are busier than others. Here is the current list. The crossings used most often by people travelling to our part of Poland are in bold.

Border crossing points between Poland and Republic of Germany:
Bobolin, Buk, Gryfino, Gubin (Guben), Jędrzychowice, Kołbaskowo, Kostrzyn (Kustrin), Krajnik Dolny, Krzewina Zgorzelecka, Lubieszyn, Łęknica, Olszyna, Osinów Dolny, Porajów, Przewóz, Rosówek, Sieniawka, Słubice (Frankfurt Oder) Świecko (from Berlin), Świnoujście, Zgorzelec


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