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Extreme Offroading


The International 4x4 Off Road Adventure Club Poland is a family-oriented, non competitive group of 4WD and car enthusiasts which unlike most other 4WD clubs in Poland does not get involved in competitive extreme offroading such as Dune Bashing, Mud Plugging and Mud Bogging, Rock Crawling, Rock Racing, Winching Events and Trials. These sports are just too destructive in our humble opinion, and we like our cars too much! Instead we spend the majority of our time behind the wheel Greenlaning along unpaved tracks, forest tracks, or older roadways that have fallen into disuse. Poland has thousands and thousands of kilometres of such roads.  However, for those who might be interested in this more macho sort of offroading here are a few photographs of Polish extreme offroaders and their custom cars.




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 The original and probably only English-speaking Land Rover and G-Wagen club in Polen!

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