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Mercedes G-Wagen

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The Mercedes Benz G-Wagen, short for Geländewagen (or Cross-Country Vehicle / Tough Terrain Vehicle), was first offered for sale in 1979 and was Mercedes' first real foray into general four wheel drives. Although Mercedes had made some Gelandewagens before and during the Second World War (picture). The G-wagen of today is a functional, very capable, off-road vehicle not unlike a Series or Defender Land Rover. The G-Klasse has a reputation for sure-footedness and reliability, and are much favoured by off-roaders and expeditioners. Those familiar with the car usually use the name, G-wagen. The early Geländewagen was not a luxurious beast by any stretch of the imagination but has over the years developed a reputation for being able to get through most anything, no matter how treacherous or steep the terrain. In 1983 a Mercedes 280 GE even won the Paris-Dakar Rally. The G-class was redesigned in 1990 and updated in 1997. The Gelaendewagen has three body styles to choose from, a pair of short-wheelbase two-doors (hardtop and convertible) and a long-wheelbase four-door wagon. The G-class was - and still is - virtually hand-built in Austria. The Gelandewagen production line averages only 15 vehicles per day, not 1000 like most of todays vehicles. These vehicles are of high quality with supreme ruggedness-built in. They are designed to go a million miles as a military tool with many components being fully serviceable and/or rebuildable. The 4x4's are almost unstoppable. With low centre of gravity, front and rear fully locking differentials and solid axles you would have to really try to get stuck. Arnold Schwarznegger - terminator, actor and Governor of California owns two G-Wagons, and rock guitarist Eric Clapton is a big fan of the car! The G-Klasse is used by 63 armies around the world, including the German Armed Forces, Canadian Army and US Marine Corps. Mercedes have guaranteed production of the G-Klasse for NATO up until 2025. Watch films of the Gelandewagen and see Gelaendewagen website links.

G-Wagon technical specifications

  • Variants: 3 (basic, command and reconnaissance, military police)

  • Type: 4 Passenger Station Wagon

  • Drivetrain: 4X4 permanent all-wheel drive, 5-speed automatic

  • Fording ability: 600 mm

  • Ground clearance: 43.9 cm

  • Side slope angle: 30 degrees

  • Approach angle: 40 degrees

  • Grade: 60 percent

  • Payload: 1500 kg max. (incl APS)


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