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Geocache Poland 1


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The Deserted Settlement

N52 32.XXX
E015 18.XXX



Stash container is a small flat tupperware type box.

A Geocache is a treasure hidden in an interesting location expressly to be found by high-tech adventurers with the aid of a handheld GPS electronic navigator. All of our caches are located in the picturesque, unspoilt and heavily forested west of Poland. Our carefully designed geo caches are rated according to difficulty in reaching them by car and on foot. We currently have seven different permanent geocaches. Follow the links below to see the GPS locations, descriptions and photos of each of our current geocaches.


GPS Stash Hunt 1 - The Deserted Settlement

GPS Stash Hunt 2 - Lightning Strike

GPS Stash Hunt 3 - The Old Railway

GPS Stash Hunt 4 - Storks Nest

GPS Stash Hunt - Wild Boar Cache

GPS Stash Hunt 6 - Forest Crossroads

GPS Stash Hunt 7 - Deep Forest


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