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Baltic sea 4x4 camp in Western Pomerania A Defender on a hunt through the forests of western Poland baltic amber

Mini Expeditions

Off Road Expeditions in Eastern Europe


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The International 4x4 Poland Club get together on the third weekend of every month throughout the year to drive a variety of cars on-and-off-road in the west of Poland. Our on and off road activities in Poland are open to all our members. Membership is completely free! Two or three times a year we organise mini overnight expeditions to different parts of Poland. These mini expeditions usually involve two or three days and consist of driving cross-country using forest tracks and minor roads,  overnight camping, some sightseeing, followed by a return to our base the following day. A typical weekend run involves driving between 400 and 500 kms. 

This year we have two cross-country-runs planned involving overnight stopovers:  

June 17th/18th

The Amber Run

A weekend on and off road overland trek to the Baltic Sea in search of Baltic Amber and adventure, an overnight camp, and return journey to base!

September 15th / 16th / 17th

The Sudeten Long Weekend

Three day mini expedition to the Sudetan Mountains in Silesia, Poland. Cross-country driving, sightseeing, two nights under canvas in the Sudetan mountains, and return to base.

Members receive full details of other mini expeditions in our newsletter.

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