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International 4x4 Off Road Club Poland


The International 4x4 Adventure Club Poland offers 4WD and car enthusiasts the opportunity to use their vehicles on-and-off-road, under fun, interesting, but, non damaging conditions. We organise off road adventure tours every month of the year, which allow 4x4 drivers from all over the world the chance to drive some of the many great forest tracks and unsurfaced roads of Poland. Driving in one of our tour groups allows enthusiasts and adventurers the chance to experience super offroading and greenlaning without the worry of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere and being all alone! Joining one of our International 4x4 club adventure tours and expeditions is also a great way to socialise with other car enthusiasts from around the world; discover some of the hidden treasures and mysteries of Poland; and most of all have some fun!

Although, most of our past participants have driven either Land Rover, Range Rover or Mercedes Benz G-Wagen, owning one of these splendid cars is not a requirement. Our 4x4 adventure tours and expeditions are open to drivers of any roadworthy, unmodified Four Wheel Drive car. 

Our tours do not normally involve any sort of extreme offroading but instead get together for regular 4WD trips of varying duration, location and degree of difficulty. These drives might take the form of gentle greenlaneing in the Polish countryside; offroading combined with canoeing; treasure hunts and geocaching; and generally using 4x4 cars as they should be used, without getting into extreme activities, which can often lead to expensive damage. We also organise long distance, overland expeditions to the Baltic Coast, the Sudetan and Tatra mountains, Ukraine and beyond.

Contact us for full details of our unique off road expeditions and adventures around Poland for individuals; small groups; and 4x4 clubs.

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