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Road Signs and Driving Rules in Poland


Driving in Poland is not as simple as it might first appear to someone who has never visited the country! One of the many problems a foreign driver is likely to encounter are road signs. Here are a few fairly common roadsigns, which might not be so used in other countries. Pass your mouse over each picture to see an English explanation of each.

you have right of wayyou DON'T have right of way any longer!Give Way Oncoming traffic has right of wayUrban speed limits applyNo overtaking  this shows who has right of way at a crossroads

Some rules of the road and driving tips for driving in Poland

  • Traffic drives on the right hand side of the road and overtaking should be on the left of the overtaken car. On dual carriageways you will find many drivers overtaking using the inside lane, so be careful of these no-brains!

  • Between 1 October and 1 March, all vehicles must use headlights both night and day in Poland.

  • You are required to carry a warning triangle, first aid kit and small fire extinguisher in cars.

  • Accidents must be reported to the police. It's illegal to leave the scene of an accident.

  • Trams may be passed on the right; but when a tram stops, drivers must yield to the passengers who leave the tram.

  • Buses leaving a bus stop have the right of way.

  • At Polish border crossings, especially on the German / Polish border, you may be asked to show your drivers licence, passport and proof of third-party insurance.

  • Watch out for the big trees growing in rows along many Polish roads.

  • It is prohibited in Polish law to use hand-held mobile phones while driving.

  • There is over 125,000 miles/ 200,000 km of road in Poland.

  • Speed limits in Poland are as follows: Urban 37mph/50kph Open Roads 56mph/90kph Highways 68mph/110kph. Fines are imposed on the spot and range from 100 to 500 zloties (for speeding).

  • Be careful to look out for unlit bicycles, wandering drunks, and horse-drawn wagons in country areas.

  • Car theft is fairly common in some parts of Poland. Take care of your car and anything inside it.

  • Important telephone numbers - Police, tel. 997; Fire, tel. 998; Ambulance, tel. 999. The mobile telephone helpline is tel. 112.


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