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 black storks in forest A Defender on a hunt through the forests of western Poland

4x4 Off Road Adventure Club Poland

Geo Treasure Hunts


4x4 Off Road Adventure Club Poland is a family-oriented international group which meet to use their vehicles in fun, interesting, but, non damaging on-and-off road conditions. The main aim of our club is to explore little known and visited parts of the great Polish countryside. One of the many activities the club involve themselves in are GPS treasure hunts (geocaching). These are hunts are done as a group activity or done individually by people interested in exploring somewhere they don't know in search of treasure.

Our Treasure Hunts involve navigating a mixture of minor roads, unsurfaced roads, and forest tracks using GPS and/or clues to get to the final destination and the hidden treasure. The routes are designed to include some interesting terrain and visits to little known places of interest in Poland. Our drives provide a fun and unique way of seeing the parts of Poland that few people have before! If you become a member of our 4WD club you will be able to take part in one of our GPS Off Road Auto Rallies (event caches) with other members. Our club costs nothing to join!

Additionally we have placed seven permanent hidden geocaches and a few shutterspots in the far west of Poland. Most of these treasure stashes can be reached with the use of a standard car and a sturdy pair of legs. One or two caches are located in very out-of-the-way places, which during the winter, may require the use of a 4WD car, unless you enjoy walking a lot!

 Our shutterspot challenges and the location of our GPS treasure caches.

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